Patient Services

Children running in fieldOur providers and staff are proud to work in a field specifically dedicated to the care of people during a very important stage of life — childhood. Pediatrics is the medical specialty entirely focused on the physical, emotional, and social health of children from birth through adolescence. The focus of pediatrics is on preventive health care and the proper development of children.

Pediatricians are also recertified periodically to keep current on changes in children’s healthcare.

Our physicians are committed to the healthcare of children in Saratoga. Our doctors are the school physicians for the Saratoga School District. They complete physical exams on site at the schools.


If an emergency arises and your child needs to visit the emergency room your child’s primary care physician or the physician on-call will be able to direct you to an appropriate emergency room based upon their symptoms. Both Albany Medical Center Hospital and Saratoga Hospital are utilized by the providers at Community Care Pediatrics – Saratoga. In the event of a hospitalization, your child would be cared for by the AMCH Hospitalist group and in Saratoga Hospital, the Saratoga Inpatient Physician Group.

Rest assured, your primary care physician will be kept informed about your child’s medical status.