Preparing for Your Visit

A little preparation will help us to serve you better. Bring to your child’s appointment their health insurance identification card and your pharmacy plan insurance card. Bring also a form of picture identification, like a driver’s license (yours, if your child is under the age of 18).

If your child is taking medications, either prescription or non-prescription, bring their pill bottles to our office.

Come to the office a little before the scheduled appointment so that we can update your child’s personal information in plenty of time.

Please check-in at the reception desk as soon as you arrive.

Waiting Times

The medical provider makes every effort to see you and your child on time. This is usually within 15 minutes of your appointment time.

Occasionally your provider may be delayed. If so, it is because the health condition of other patients has required more time than your provider anticipated.

Our providers will afford each patient the time that is needed to attend to the health problems at hand. All patients will receive the same attention.

Please be patient if the provider is delayed. If the provider is occupied with a serious health emergency, you will be given the options to wait for the provider, to see an alternate provider, or to reschedule the visit.

If you have not been called from the waiting area within 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment, please return to the reception desk. If at any time you have questions as to if the provider is running on time, please ask us!


Prescription medications can be an important part of your plan of care. To dispense your child’s medications safely and effectively, follow a few simple suggestions.

Pill Bottles

Please bring all your child’s pill bottles with you to each appointment so that we can verify the names and doses of their drugs, their expiration dates and number of refills available. Keep all medications in accurately labeled bottles or containers.


We want to refill at your office visit any prescriptions that will expire before your child’s next scheduled visit. (Bringing their pill bottles helps us to determine which medications need refills).

If you call the office to refill a prescription that expired between visits, please call during normal business hours, and allow 48 hours for the physician to review your child’s medical record and provide the prescription.


Your primary care provider may recommend that your child be evaluated and treated by a specialty physician if their medical condition warrants.

Community Care Physicians includes a number of excellent specialty and subspecialty physicians, all of whom share electronic health records and imaging studies allowing your child’s records to be immediately accessed by the providers administering their care. We are happy to refer you to any of these Community Care specialists when needed or to any appropriate specialist you prefer.

Our office will provide notifications to, or request authorization from, your health insurer if these are required.

We will provide the consultant with your child’s relevant medical history so that he or she is aware of your child’s medical problems.

Co-Payments And Balances

Payment is expected at the time of service.

If your insurance requires that you pay a co-payment, they require us to collect it. For your convenience we accept cash, checks and most major credit cards. If we must bill you for the co-payment, an additional processing fee is charged.